Metakix has always unleashed hardcore music that is versatile and transcends genres. The music is driven by heavy guitar riffs, accompanied by pounding bass riffage and attacking drums. Layers of spacey clean vocals add the electric element to the music. Often the music is textured with distorted vocals, acoustic guitars or psychedelic sounds. Not to mention a regular dose of well-structured lead guitar solos! The band mixed various influences like Thrash Metal, Indian classical and Ethnic music, resulting in unique compositions and arrangements that eventually make them stand apart as truely original! Another aspect that critics and fans have applauded are the band's thought-provoking, creative, and modern poetry-like lyrics that cut thru straight to the audience.

At a Metakix concert, you could hear the heavy guitar riffage, the power ballads, and some psychedelics...all of that delivered via a hair-raising stage act!!

There have been a series of path breaking achievements made by the band that include, a 40-minute rockumentary by BBC UK, features in books including Soundscapes-2 by a Harvard music professor, international radio, TV and press coverage, unique jams fusing music and fine arts where the band belted out metal music while the painters simultaneously captured that atmosphere on canvas... and more!

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