There is no record of performances by Metakix before the year 2000.
                                        From 2000 to now, every show (almost) is documented here.
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Live on 2 Nights 
at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai (January) 

Played a 3-hours long set.

Live on 2 Nights
at Not Just Jazz By The Bay, Mumbai (January)

Played a 3-hours long set.


Casio GShock ROCKS in association with Rave Magazine 
at One Flight Down, Hyderabad (January) 

Played with Death Incarnate.
Watch live video from the gig

March Attack
at HRC, Mumbai (March)

Played a 3-hours long acoustic/electric set.


Manzar/Inferno '07 
at UDCT College, Mumbai (March) 

Headlined with Zero and Motherjane

at XTC, Mumbai (August)

Headlined for Colossus, Atmosfear and Prakalp


at Musician's Mall, Mumbai (August) 

Headlined for Redemption and Kryptonic Kaos

"On A Rampage" India Tour: Wargasm Open Air'07
at IIT Roorkee, Roorkee (October)

Headlined for various bands


"On A Rampage" India Tour: Kingfisher Metalfest feat SEPULTURA 
at Hamsadhwani Theater, Delhi (October) 

Opened for SEPULTURA

"On A Rampage" India Tour: Raw Power '07
at KRMM Hall, Chennai (November)

Headlined for Blood Covenant, Blind Image, Blood & Iron and Black Dahlia


"On A Rampage" India Tour: Sharktooth LiveStorms 
at Legends Of Rock, Bangalore (November) 

Headlined for Myndsnare and Extinct Reflections

"On A Rampage" India Tour: Grand Finale
at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai (November)
Exclusive performance.