CONNECT & INSPIRE - (2006-7, Metakix Music)

Connect & Inspire
1.   Back In the Zone
2.   Hand In Hand
3.   You're Bloody Right
4.   Duff Stereo Groove
5.   LoneStar
6.   Only The Good Die Young
7.   True Alter
8.   Forever
9.   Anthem (Instrumental)
10. Pay Day Blues

Back In the Zone

(((You wake up, you meticulously plan to go about your life in a certain way. You try everything in your power to toil towards the goals you've defined for yourself. You feel 'in control'. Guess what? Elsewhere, someone has already made plans for you and thru a looking glass is tracking your progress on the path of your destiny. Don't be surprised if you end up in a totoally different place and achieve other goals. You wonder why? Look probably longed to be here in your dreams. Welcome home!)))

Alive and dreaming fast
I look around and visualize
Out there is the reason
For what I am, there's no denying

Rhyme, is the mirror
That shines into my eyes
The designs get my attention
I'll come around just wait a while

Back in the zone
I lose myself
I'm coming home
But no light can take me there
Back in the zone
I lose myself
You're to blame
I see you everywhere

The designs they get my attention
And I'm wandering, wandering…
searching for you.
I'll come around just wait a while
Afloat from far far away!

Twin solos - Zomb and Viresh
Guitar solo - Viresh

All my life
I've been waiting for you
An image, that lingers on
All your life
You've been praying
To break free of these confines

Gentle is sweet surrender
With every sign
I'm coming close
You call my name
I stop in wonder
Cos you've been here
All the while



Hand In Hand

(((Almost every country on planet Earth has a past based on strife, struggle and sacrifice. Nations have built themselves upwards from scratch and thereby created miracles for all to see. A true testimony of human endurance. The song captures that essence of patriotism and love for one's country. You may migrate, you may alter your lifestyle, you may change your very appearance, but you can never deny your roots!!)))

Guitar solo - Viresh

One for all, all for one
The wheel and the colors
Spell Freedom
Blood that spilt, dried in the sun
With bricks and bones
This Nation was done

My country, my only land
The universe in a grain of sand
There's nowhere, like where I am
All my people, go hand in hand…

Darkness fell the test of time had begun
With a will to survive
It was soon undone
Pride and glory of father to son
The vision that was has now become


Guitar solo - Viresh

Politics a new adversary
The promises they make and the masses they forsake
Not one moment will I wait to watch the tears
Helpless eyes hoping for answers to appear

There's one person with the might to end it all
Silently awaiting the final call
Don't look around you it's within that you will find
Spirit of the brave men, the sons of the motherland

Guitar solo - Zomb

Group Chorus - 2Blue (Vayu), Chakku (Silent Lucidity),
Gary (EarthClan), Musicman Mihir, Sheldy,
Valentina Menon, Raynah Farias and Xianne Alves



You're Bloody Right

(((This is a real twisted theme, that all of us are well aware of but would prefer to ignore. It's about personal battles with one's conscience. Everybody has one and will acknowledge it most of the time. But how many of us would truely acknowledge that we've not had bad bouts or even wars with that other voice within. We are born with dual personalities. One is always right and the other is always wrong. It's better to accept that and move on, rather than to tear yourself apart and despair later. So, FUCK IT!)))

So you wanna, break all the ties
Feel free inside, explore this life
So you'd rather ignore the cries
Leave the truth aside and walk the mile
Will you, show me the pain
Or bank on refrain, conceal it again
It's so hard to accept the blame
And live thru the shame, just take it untamed

I am your magic
Your moment of truth
The conscience that pricks
Distraction that soothes

I love your misery
I'll show you the way
May God bless you now
While you tread astray

You 're bloody…right!

Everybody has a role to play
Every time in every way
When you ignore it and walk away
A hole you create and fall into one day
Will you be crushed as a fly
By tricks of the mind and hope to rewind
It's so hard to lose at your game
Your impeccable frame, now shattered remains


Ooooo every day is a fight, a fight
Oooooo until the day I die, the day I die

Guitar solo - Viresh


You 're bloody…right!


Duff Stereo Groove

(((Here's a song name which has nothing to do with the theme. It just felt right to name it this. While the theme is about two-faced scums out there who essentially lead a wasted existence and take pleasure in spreading baseless rumors and enjoy other's despair. What's worse, these worms will disguise themselves as people you can trust, extract information from you and then distort it into sellable tales that never happened, to show you in poor light. The band has had several expereriences with such people in the industry and the circuit; and voices its thought about these morons thru this song. You know who you are, FUCK YOU!)))

Take the time, to analyze
Take the time, to criticize
When I turn around
Your tongue wags the lies
And we're great again
When I look you in the eyes

Your scum-filled-ness is making me mad
Oh how I wish that you were dead
I seldom check, your faithfulness for me
So you bite my trust and come back
sucking up to me

Without you in my stride,
My world is so complete
With you in my stride
My world sinks endlessly

CHORUS (distorted)

Open your mind
I'll show you what you'll find
Warped reality, lowlife underlined
Look carefully what I hold in my hand
An instrument to spill
your guts across the land

Guitar solo - Viresh

CHORUS (distorted)

We all can see...



(((An instrospective on surviing the challenges of life and coming out victorious.

Lonestar how you shine thru the night
Tells me there's something deep inside
Lonestar shine your light on me
Enlighten me but from afar

Lonestar I wish I knew you well
Can tell you're feeling hell
Persevere thru these killing times
Cos endurance you will find

Use your stupendous powers
To pacify the spears
That arise from another
Mystifier, the mystique fire

Lonestar be friends with the signs
That fill the sky and rule my every line
Don't run away when the Sun glares at you
Cos endurance you will find

Guitar solo - Viresh

Your radiating arms
Reach out in the dark
Your crying eyes
The dew of the morn

Lonestar I know why you've come to me
Traveled the galaxies
Isn't it for the dark light
That I have within me



Only The Good Die Young

(((True heroes are often forgotten easily. Figure it out!)))

Today you saved the world
Tomorrow who knows
If you're still remembered
For the greatness you have shown

The price of sheer good will
Ain't nothing at all
How much will it take
To get the writings on the wall

Out there is a cruel place
People with a changing face, oh yeah
No matter what you've said or done
In the end, we're all alone anyway

Only the good die young
Only heroes are unsung
Only the good die young
Another photo frame
on a cold, old wall is hung

Fend for yourself
Forget about the rest
Don't heed to the calls
That way is an endless fall

Take pride in who you are
There're some who understand
Like an oasis
In a waste, wasteland

Out there is a cruel place
You'd disappear without a trace, oh yeah
Watch your step, follow you heart
In the end, we're all alone anyway


Questions, in my mind
Reasons, are hard to find

Guitar solos - Zomb


Guitar solo - Viresh


True Alter

(((to be added)))

My day started at seven
Woke up with a sigh
When I got there, I finally gave em
Some stupid alibi
This stress of meeting deadlines
Is making me die
Wanna catch that smoky fun-flight
Drop out of the sky

One alternative to consider
Last alternative, true alter

Uneasy situations
Push me off the ledge
About the backlog on my desktop
Shove it like I said
I'm headed to a sleaze bar
Got a dime and time to spare
I'm gonna drink up till my head drops
Into a pool of cigarettes


Here we go…
Make amends in life
Recommend a strike
…to the head
Twin solos - Zomb and Viresh

Coming back to cruel-life
Release out thoughts in my mind
I'm gonna bring out
all that I stand for
Empowered all over


Shred away…
Guitar solo - Viresh

Found my alter
There's no other
The unseeable master
My True Alter

Drum solo - Sheldy



(((to be added)))

As I wake up
to this life of misery
I realize my dreams
were so untrue
Assured at all times
by recurring atrocity
This pain I know
I'll never pull thru

Feel so alone
in this world of so many
They lay the thorns
in the way to my destiny
Then there you were
my guiding light
Next thing I know
everything's alright

I want you forever
come to me sooner not later
Keep this in your heart
that you're the one I need
Don't tell me this will never
be a possibility
Cos if you feel
it's that strong
soon it'll be reality

Guitar solo - Zomb

Now I awake
to the days I wanted to see
Storms are gone
and storms will just never be
You and me we got a lot to do
The pain will disappear
and life will shine thru


Guitar solo - Viresh

Strings ensemble
arrangement - Fali Damania



(((to be added)))


Guitar solo - Viresh
Guitar synth - Zomb


Pay Day Blues

(((to be added)))

Bass solo - Nicky

Pay day
jubilation once again
Pay day
Another heartbreak
around the bend
Before you know it
I'm a pauper once again

9 to 5
I'm working up a sweat
9 to 5
Gotta settle for what I get
Watch out, watch out
You ain't seen me
by night just yet
(bet u do)

Guitar solo - Viresh

To my surprise
I'm only worth
the money I carry
To my surprise
Only worth the
money she can marry
Surprise, surprise
I ain't giving you no more
(better believe it)

Guitar solo - Viresh

(talking about the
pay day blues)


    HEADLINES - (2002, Throatlatch Records)

1.   The First Impression
2.   She's the Incubus
3.   Ocean Man
4.   SoundCheck
5.   High
6.   Small Town Aggression (Instrumental)
7.   13 Disciples
8.   AfterLife
9.   A Suspended State of Being
10. Freudian Sonica
11. Standing Tall
12. Those Promising Lies
13. Waiting For Nothing

The First Impression

(((The subject matter comprises the saying 'Don't judge the book by its cover'. Often, one arrives at an impression about someone after a few minutes of being exposed to the person. The careless ones run into something more unperceivable thru time. Sometimes it's too late to break free and step out of it... Face value has nothing to do with the a person's personality.)))

So it's gone away leaving you in a wreck,
No wise ideas this time, to escape this web
Dissolving within, nothing's wrong on the outside
Try and keep your cool, when you watch your memories collide

You were introduced to something new
A girl, a drug, or an attitude
Suddenly you see yourself being ruled
By the force you once never knew

It seemed so right, the only thing there could be
Would do anything for it, sad it didn't do the same for thee
Wanted to trip on it, but you were its ride
It had you by the heart, oooo its hypnotising eyes

You've been taken for a ride or two
Reached a state where there's nothing you can do
It's time to experience the rest that'll come
Definitely not the best to welcome

You were ambushed by the first impression
Cos you didn't wanna wait for the ones that would come
You were ambushed by the first impression
And now you're pointing yourself with a gun!


She's The Incubus

(((A mid tempo song that deals with rambles into the subconcious mind. Every individual has one. Some see that part of themselves in their dreams, others project it via involuntary actions in their day-to-day affairs. There are people in this world who can be totally consumed by the other-side. One such incident happened with one of the musicians in Metakix. The song is a narrative of the same.)))

At first just a stimulus
Now a growing impulse
She's in my domain
feels like she wants to remain
Her enticing...for my collapsing
She's winning as she flows thru me

The Shaman's arrived
His feather crown quivers in the wind
He says a word of advice to you
"Need to let her come on out!"

She's The Incubus
And what I feel is such
I'm one with her realm
The shine of her gem

I said, "The speed has just begun...
And I'm not yet done."
He said, " She'll kill you my son...
Gonna be too late till your done!"
The Indian wants me to bleed
Says it will wash away her deeds
I place the blade in the fire
Cuz he said it's a real purifier

She's The Incubus
And what I feel is such
I'm one with her realm
The shine of her gem

Use the knife my son
Carved a Z on my arm
She's flowing out of me
Not glad to have...set her free!
The healer tears off his stained scarf
Melts platinum in the flame
Pours it on to my scar
But she'll, still...possess me!!

He's got her in chains
Says, "You won't see her again."
Told her I liked the onslaught
The things that she was about
As they fade into oblivion
What a scenario
Things repeated themselves...
But this time I was on the 'watching' end!!

She's The Incubus
But what I feel is such
I'm one with her realm
The shine of her gem


Ocean Man

(((How conducive it is to say, "I am an Athiest!" Be it God, the Devil or your music; there is a certain level of reverence to your passion. Sometimes so much so that it manifests in the form of an ego. Egos can crush your life without you realising a damn thing. Let's say, it is safer to have that in mind. The song is a word of thanx to the force that got the band out of that "Balls-to-you-I-am-god-and-so-fuck-you" phase in the past.)))

Make the communion happen, you and the divine
The most blissful moment, lose your mind
The beauty of being lost within yourself
Enter the beyond
Into the vast harmony you will melt
It's your religion!!

Sense the Ocean Man
The energy called freedom
His silent eternal tides
They shape you into an Art of Life

Let go of those repressions
Fly to salvation
Walk into the aura of the sensual presence

Sense the Ocean Man
The energy called freedom
His silent eternal tides
They shape you into an Art of L



(((A piece that is almost one-minute long and serves as a perfect build-up to the next song!)))




(((Intoxication does not neccessarily have to be via the bottle/smoke/needle-way. People get intoxicated on money, on lust, on love, on laughter, on pain, on their newly bought car...on their music! For each his own. The end-result however is very similar. A feeling away from the normal. How you enjoy it is what makes it special. This is the first ever song by the band. [Kinda gives away reasons, why the band has the name!])))

There in the wilderness, nothing seems to be
Life's been such a mess, ever since I met me
Only darkness in my dreams, an unknown entity
A whisper is like a scream, a hoax a reality

Am I me, Am I myself, Am I I
Am I me, Am I myself, Yes I'm High

Get away from truth, it's a passion
Hate and Love in black sessions
Days of the past I must confront
I get dazed so fast...a force to Reckon

My head rattles to the beat, cos I feel the spin in me
Well it surely is a treat, you do it or you flee!!
Oh I ascend from the ground and I think I'll touch the sky
But this voice keeps coming around,
It says...I'll soon pass by!!!

Am I me, Am I myself, Am I I
Am I me, Am I myself, Yes I'm High


Small Town Aggression

(((For a long time New Bombay was a place foreign to people in Bombay. After the IT boom, privatisation took over the city. Huge international brands made it their base and in turn put the twin-city on Bombay's Map. The band lived thru and witnessed this whole process while they played their regular shows. One fine day, they decided to make a song that stands for the emotions they felt on this subject. A song dedicated to their little home town.)))



13 Disciples

(((This song was written with a vague concept in mind. Something to do with the Final End. Wherein a savior is summoned by the keepers of our world. For the savior to be actually successful, he needs to gather 12 others, identical to him, from all over the world. When all 13 of the same, gather together they are nothing less than the Almighty and can work miracles. This song ends here. What follows is outlined in AfterLife)))

Treason out to reason
with the self-righteousness of man
Twisting into phrases no one understands

A High-priest, endless deceit
for the countless confused minds
If the spell is countered
Wastelands they will find

Search and Seek the wise
No Distrust, No Sacrifice
13 in all, they'll...draw the light!

Fields of Hope
Drapped sunshine
The end was on time!



(((Continuing further, the savior meets failure in his task. The fate of the world is the End. With all others he meets his demise. When thrown into purgatory he who is 13 in the world of mortals, is just one in the beyond. AfterLife basically is him pondering on his life and finally accepting what has happened. It was learnt later that this concept is very applicable to the 911 happening in New York. Hence the sattirical wallpaper!!! )))

Wipe the dust off my brow
Prepare myself
for what lies beyond
The Ancient One told me,
"Don't look back, and walk the way."
But how will I face the lives
That I put away...

My Knife is stained
By the curse I called upon
All those I called my friends
Are now long gone
I think, I'll lay myself to rest
here by these gates
And wait in submisssion
to the hands of hate
...the grinds of fate.


  Freudian Sonica

(((When a sane man is pushed over the edge, he behaves like a madman! Euthanasia can be of different forms. Though always induced, its results could be varied. Death of a good brain, is as good as a body burning in an electric crematorium. Go figure!!)))

Moments and Smiles
The empty room prepares for the play
Consuming Malice
I stay strapped to the wires

Injecting Belief
Mindless and thoughtless
You'd like me to be
Push the levels
And ensure I enact

My shuddering spine
Electric questions asked
till the answers I bleed
Repeat the process
Double-check for denials

Now everything is so pleasant
Right from my jaw-bone to my dying day dying day
Falling of the Autumn Leaf
Doesn't seem to make much sense
To my foolish brain
...the one they turned insane
Nature has it's own way of subtle comparisons
Can you tell me...What is reality??
In reality?


A Suspended State of Being

(((Revolves around the fact that individuals are shaped by society and not their background of achievements. Applies very much to the middle strata of society, the part most of us belong to. We break free and run to find another noose awaiting us at the crossroads. Hang-on a while!)))

Spaced out of society
Discrimination takes its toll
Sinister it shall always be
Tattering my soul

Who do they think they are
To tell me what to do
Pulling the plug on me
Then they blame my attitude

Accusation, Domination, Termination
Face what they are doing
Manipulation, Strangulation, Confrontation
A suspended state of being

To be or not to be
A question in my mind
They'll drain your sanity
They're many of a kind

Who do they think they are
To tell me what to do
Pulling the plug on me
Then they blame my attitude

Accusation, Domination, Termination
Face what they are doing
Manipulation, Strangulation, Confrontation
A suspended state of being


Standing Tall

(((A message to the oppressed to take control of their lives and kick the anti in the face. At the crux of fate & destiny lies the Human will to excel. The song has a different feel from the other songs Metakix does, but hey, everybody has there own phases in time.)))

This is to all my friends
Whom I can't defend
But I got a helping hand to lend

If someone puts you down
Reach out for his crown
Just take him to the ground

Keeping it all within
Is a dreadful sin
Just show them where you've been

As far as I recall
Someone heard my call
And now I stand tall

This could be your fate
Just control your hate
And it's time to liberate

The path may seems too long
The meaning of this song
Is to right that's all wrong


Those Promising Lies

(((Fibbing is more like a religion practiced by us. So much so that we do it to for example, making a new year's resolution in the 'spirit' of the occasion and discharging it as the hangover sets in. What the hell, does this mean?? We have no answers, for sure!)))

Everybody let's hold hands
And move on to the promised land
When we reach the Preacher's tent
Tell me all this was a stupid accident

One by one our minds are scanned
Lying, for us is strictly banned
Just then I deliver those promising lies
Soon I'm left to be idolized

Try to keep a lock on my tongue
Still keep lying like the ones I'm among
My medications, they're supposed to help
Yeah, they aid me thru the lies I must tell

Then comes the 31st of December
Something I can remember
It's the day I make all those promises
That I break in the coming year


Waiting For Nothing

(((Life ends life. Man lives in the social ecosystem where his own is often at the top of the kill-chain. Murders happen in broad daylight, within sects, within families, within bodies. Life is disposed off like the exhaling of air from one's lungs. Anyways, somebody is being killed somewhere in our city as you feast you eyes on these lines.)))

All I see in your eyes
Is this hatred for me
And I don't know just why
You can just let me be

No I never even tried to forget you
And you never even tried to forgive me
Oh don't let me go so far away
Taking me low though I wanna stay

Now I lie helplessly
Can't slip out of your grasp
Thought you were an Angel to me
Now I see Death behind your mask

No I never even tried to supress you
And you never even tried to caress me
Oh don't take me away to the other side
With my life you only play,
then you say, "It's SUICIDE!"

Will you punish me
For the sins I've never done
Can't I be free for the time that's to come
Showing no mercy you will follow the myth
Unknowingly...A fire you have lit!