Before the debut album, Metakix' music had been floating in the Indian Underground circuit
in the form of bootleg audio and video CDs.
This discography only covers official releases.


Connect & Inspire (Enhanced CD) 
After 4 long years since the debut album Metakix launched Connect & Inspire on Dec 16th, 2006. The album was in production for over a year and has been received extremely well by the international audience. The album features 10 addictive tracks including the hit singles 'Hand In Hand' and 'You're Bloody Right'. What's more, the CD also includes the music video of 'You're Bloody Right' which can be played using a CD-ROM drive. The CD inlay was designed by Abhishek Sharma, the same artist who designed the debut album's inlay. This album is a 'must-have' for rockers/headbangers across the world.
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Absolute Indian Metal - 1 (Audio CD)
The CD is testimony of the 'metal' talent existing in India. This compilation features 16 bands from across the country. A rare opportunity to listen to songs from established bands as well as new comers in the Indian Rock Scene. This compilation was released on eMP Records and is produced by Metakix and MusicMan Mihir (one of India's most popular Radio Jockeys) Metakix' 2nd single called 'You're Bloody Right' is featured on this compilation.
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Hand in Hand - Limited Edition Single (Enhanced CD) 
India's first official single launched on a limited edition CD. The single sold 600 copies in the first 5 weeks and is still selling. Audiences from all over the world have responded very well!! This single epitomizes the musical direction Metakix is taking with the 2nd album.

Headlines (Audio CD)
The debut album by the Bombay Thrashers was the immediate next step in a long chain of path-breaking achievements made by the band in the stagnant Indian Rock Scene. Since the past two years in the Indian Circuit, M E T A K I X has generated a tremendous response for their originals.

Deep Throat (Audio CD) 
India's first official metal compilation album by ThroatLatch Records. The record features "She's The Incubus" a song by the trio. Other bands on it are Sceptre, Kryptos, Cranium and more.